Letter to the Editor: Reader Respond to “The Sin of Pride” Controversy

Pier Angelo, I love it! I thoroughly enjoyed your article.

I often wonder where is the community going? Its trajectory has lost its momentum and focus. It is almost as if to maintain its existence, it must buy into an image that is laden with stereotypes. This identity has an imbalance where the human self and the gay self are concerned. There does not seem to be any self correcting or resetting. Consequently, the strength of the initial movement - Stonewall - has dissipated. How sad. How truly sad.

They have a distorted view of reality. Unless they are being coddled or enabled, they are not comfortable. You forced them to think. You forced them to think beyond their immediate need.

The epicenter of their existence has much to do with all that is gay. They simply do not have a global perspective of self nor of life. They lack hindsight. I am not homophobic. I am very gay proud. I relish the achievements I have made as an immigrant, as a so called minority, as the child of a working class family, and as gay individual. I go to work to be productive. I do not go to work to be gay.

You touched a nerve that needed to be touched. Life is not a party, nor is being gay. They need to tap into reality for the long term. Our collective actions and efforts should build a bridge — have our fun but stay on a productive and proud course. He totally missed the point.

For the young ones, pride should have some substance. The core of it should not be the extreme personas or stereotypes of the gay community. Where is the educational or historical aspect of Pride? The author who wrote the rebuttal to your article has the privilege of writing such tart nonsense because of the foundation his predecessors laid as sensible and productive and well balanced human beings.

Just sayin.'
Mario Libertad
Fort Lauderdale

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