Letter to the Editor: Pride Center Should Reconsider Plant Decision

Photo by Dennis Jozefowicz

To the Editor:

In the January 27, 2016 (p. 4) article titled “Pride Center Severs Ties with Garden Club over Plant Fair,” Director Robert Boo made some revealing statements.

He acknowledges that “the Tropical Plant Fair was Chuck Nichols’ idea… We supported that fundraising event.” At the time Mr. Nichols was acting as President of the Garden Club.

Boo justified appropriating the Tropical Plant Fair fundraising to the Pride Center “because Chuck is not leading the organization….”

Boo denied the Garden Club the ability to organize its Tropical Plant Fair on Pride Center property and claimed sole future control of the event.

Adding injury upon injury he doubled the rent being charged to the Garden Club for its monthly meetings.

This behavior clearly indicates Mr. Boo:

1. Punishes an organization for any deviation from his personal choice of who runs it.
2. Decides which organizations get preferential rates, without stipulating any qualification.
3. Usurps an organization’s developed fundraising event to exclusive benefit the Pride Center.

The Board of Directors needs to reconsider and disavow Mr. Boo’s alienating style of management.

Asking: “Who will be next?” all using the Pride Center should pay close attention.

– Van A. Gosselin

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