Dear Editor,

Thanks for printing the article about the Prayer Breakfast and for bringing it to the community's attention in such a big way!

I was a gay activist in the ’90s in Charlotte, NC when people like James Dobson were in the face of the GLBT community using us as his whipping post to garner financial support for his narrow minded way of thinking.

After reading all the “positive spin” about the Prayer Breakfast I think there are a lot better examples of Christian leadership that are all inclusive rather than trying to use reparative therapy to change how people are born that would be excellent keynote speakers at the Breakfast.

My mantra in the ’90s was and still is, “Focus on your own darn family and leave mine the heck alone!” Focus On The Family cozying up to gay people is like saying the Nazi Party now accepts homosexuals into their fold.

Until everyone comes to the realization that in the United States we are all free to be who we are without the interference of organizations that think they can pray the gay away we remain in grave danger. Gay people are not asking anyone who is part of Focus On The Family to become gay so why do they think they have the right to tell gay people they are in the wrong and need to accept their narrow view of our rather expansive, all encompassing universe!

Respectfully submitted,

David Ferebee
Wilton Manors