Dear SFGN Editor,

Community calls to fire Robert Boo are way overkill, and an overly quick knee jerk reaction. He was recently censured by his Board of Directors over his handling of the Clarence Collins case, which will be a stain on his resume forever.

I worked occasionally with Clarence Collins in the three years I was employed at the Pride Center in the administration department from 2008 to 2011, and he worked hard and did the tough and dirty maintenance jobs no one else wanted to do.

Also the organization had almost no African American workers or volunteers in those early days when Clarence started (2003 or so) and that was important for Pride Center diversity, especially before they become more family centered, (2015 or so) which was championed by none other than Robert Boo!

Any executive can and will make mistakes.

Sometimes they should be fired for these mistakes, if for example, they personally profit from said mistake, or if an employee or client or community member is harmed or injured because if the mistake, or if the mistake shows a continual pattern of bad judgement by said executive.

In my opinion, while not perfect in every way, Robert has not met any of the above listed criteria which might cause the Board of Directors or the Community at large to ask him to leave. Mr. Boo has served many years reliably and with great effort to rally this sometimes difficult community to re-embrace the Pride Center and its mission.

Censure yes, dismiss no.


David Yalen

Pompano Beach, FL