I read the Log Cabin Republican announcement about their recent fundraiser and I just can't believe the SFGN is giving a voice to these people. The LCR groups have repeatedly placed the civil rights of LGBT on the back burner to what they consider more important issues (like cutting $143 million in funding from the Ryan White program). According to the national LCR's own website, they have long endorsed homophobes such as Ronald Reagan, George W. Bush, Sarah Palin, Mitt Romney, and on and on...

According to your announcement , they also held a silent auction which contained photos of Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher memorabilia. I think anyone over the age of 35 remembers what it was like when those two were in power. Reagan ignored the AIDS epidemic while tens of thousands of our gay brothers died horrible deaths. Meanwhile, Margaret Thatcher pushed through Clause 28 in England which actually outlawed any positive discussion of homosexuality by any government organization or even school groups.

How can the SFGN support such a group that promotes politicians who would take away our rights or even imprison us if given the chance? Would the SFGN publish announcements for an anti-semitic, neo-nazi, or a KKK gay group? How is this group any better if they are willing to support political leaders who would attack us at every opportunity? I really enjoy reading the SFGN but on this issue, I'm very dissapointed in the SFGN leadership.

Christopher Gardner
Wilton Manors