This is regarding Jason Parsley's article “has God Removed His Blessing From America?”

You ask the question: "when exactly did we have God's blessing in America to begin with."

Everyday is a blessing from God. The examples you quote of not having God's blessing is because all those horrid statements by those such as Jerry Falwell, Pat Robertson and Hal Lindsey, as well as the atrocities of slavery and the taking of Native American lands (just to name a few) – all of this is humankind's doing, not God.

God has given us free will to do with AS we will. God's hope is that we would use our free will for the betterment of all and to His glory. What humankind chooses to do with our free will is not God's doing. God has never abandoned us even in the most devastating of times. The killing of innocents, our greed, our feeling of superiority and entitlement, our ignorance, our intolerance of those different than ourselves – all of this is OUR CHOICE TO MAKE, not God's.

When we learn to not blame God but rather take responsibility for our own actions, then, and only then will we know the true meaning of Gods blessings.

Thank you.
Ken Kelley, Owner
Scandals Saloon, Wilton Manors
The Stable, Oakland Park