I wanted to write this letter in response to the article about the Florida Bathroom Bill that is moving forward to becoming a law. I am terribly outraged by this entire bill because of how insane it is that they are discriminating against the transgender population.

There has been protection put into place and it seems as though there should be common sense that all people are equal. I feel like the people who are for this bill passing are taking two steps backward for our society because we just legalized gay marriage and it's just another way to bring inequality to the table. I personally do not understand the point of this bill in that fact that it would be really difficult to enforce. Are there going to be security guards in the millions of bathrooms located in Florida checking our anatomy before we use the restroom? That to me is beyond measure and there are so many other issues that need to be dealt with, but this is just something to bring back inequality and to show the power struggle with people who cannot wrap their heads around what being a transgender is like.

The government should not get involved with this type of bill because it also puts these people at an even higher risk for serious consequences. They are making it really difficult for these people to accept their identity with the stigma and now it will pose a new obstacle that does not need to be overcome. Suicide risks are incredible high among this population because of those already in place by society and there is one more that has terrible consequences that just does not make sense.

I know that a majority of the bills that get introduced die out through time and I really hope this is one of them.

Thank you for reading,

Samantha Robinson,
FAU MSW Student Advocate