It's always interesting when a paper that is positioned to report the news becomes the story. Last week Norm Kent, the publisher of SFGN, wrote an op-ed piece in which he took two Democratic organizations to task for not advertising in his paper, criticizing both the Charlie Crist campaign and the Dolphin Dems.

Norm Kent is himself a sort of democratic institution. For decades he has worked tirelessly on behalf of liberal and LGBT rights. We would all be the poorer were it not for his dedication and determination, often at significant personal cost. His passion to further our equal treatment led him to found and publish the important and influential SFGN, as an educational and promotional tool of our community.

But the SFGN is also a business, and relies on advertising to continue publishing. For this reason it makes sense for Norm to invite the Dolphin Dems to advertise in his paper, and we have often done so. However, for this election cycle the Dolphin Dems have been constrained by a limited advertising budget, and after careful consideration of how to make the most significant impact within the bounds of our available funds we declined to place an ad in the SFGN.

We understand that an election year can be a boon to certain types of businesses, to the point that many of them count on the extra income that such years can bring in. However, choosing whether or not to advertise in the SFGN did not hinge on our morals, ethics, or proper devotion to the cause; it was simply a business decision. As a business owner himself, the Dolphin Dems had hoped Norm would understand.

We continue to applaud the important and effective work that Norm and the SFGN continue to do to further equal treatment and representation for LGBT people under the law, and warmly invite him to join us in this work for the betterment of our entire community. For our part, we will continue to advertise in the SFGN as much as our budget allows.

The Board of the Dolphin Democrats