I was interested to see that you went along with the zoning change that allows a Chick-Fil-A to open in my neighborhood. The newspaper article from the Sun-Sentinel stated you were satisfied with some franchise statements.

"“During the discussions I had with their representatives, I would just like to say to the community and to my community and my constituents, that the company and the franchisee have adopted policies which are very respectful of diversity in their hiring practices,” Trantalis said. “In particular, the local franchisee specifically is protective of individuals based on their sexual orientation and gender identity.”

You missed a very important part of the issue. A huge cash payout goes to the parent company to open a franchise of this type, It is normally in the $25,000 to $50,000 per unit area. Also, 6% on average of all store sales go to the parent company along with profit from any supplies and equipment that must be purchased from the parent company. That money goes directly to the people who spend that money on supporting hate groups that fight to insure you and I will not have equal rights as citizens of this country.

You also missed a huge opportunity to send a message to this company that "hate is not ok" in our community.

I am a 30 year Fort Lauderdale resident and former owner of a local gay business. I live in Wilton Manors now but have many friends that live in your district. I was excited when you were elected because I thought it would be important to have a gay persons voice on the city commission. I lived here during some dark days for gay rights when a religious nut job was on that commission so I thought your election was a step forward. It appears I may have been overly optimistic. This type of acceptance you have given to this company that "hate is ok" is not acceptable to me or anyone I know.

I know that I will not never step into this business and they will never see one penny of income from me. It is probably unfortunate that your name will be associated with allowing a company that spews such hatred be located in our area. I know I will remember.

Thank You
Steven Land