Letter to the Editor: “AHF is a Sham”

Reader responds to publisher’s editorial “AHF - Stirring the National Conscience on HIV/AIDS”

AHF is a sham. Their PrEP denialism is costing people’s lives to remain at risk. SFGN takes ad money from AHF and puts up editorials like this and writes stories backing up the misinformation spread by AHF on PrEP? I wish there were more integrity in you publications standards than this. Many of us do not support AHF wasting money in their battle on PrEP.

PrEP works.

AHF has been called out for running misinformation in their ads in SFGN repeatedly. Their stance is simply not backed up by scientific fact. PrEP is THE issue AHF should be focusing on — where is the outrage? Everywhere but in your pages. There are many people in the community who now refuse to patronize Out of the Closet or use AHF pharmacies. Quite frankly this op-ed stinks of cronyism.

It’s a hard time for print — but it’s a harder time in South Florida for new HIV infections. With the backing of the CDC the WHO and numerous State and local communities throughout the country the word is getting out about PrEP. SFGN might want to get on the right side of history in this debate. AHF is standing it’s ground to inflate and support the ego of their President Mr. Weinstein — to the detriment of millions of people across the globe who could be protected from HIV by PrEP. Where are the articles about the work being done to spread the word about the single greatest advancement in HIV prevention in out lifetime?

Sadly not here.

– Oliver Kamm

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