City Manager Henderson, Mayor, and Commissioners, Publix has been known for most of its history as a racist, homophobic, and misogynistic company, with several court judgments and payouts as proof of its historical and continuing misdeeds.

Publix continually donates to everything opposite of Wilton Manors prides itself on fighting for and standing up against. Yet, the city spends thousands of dollars each year at Publix on a company that, in turn, takes our dollars and uses them against our community, morals, and residents. 
Sadly, a child has more insight and integrity than a city that professes to lead in acceptance, education, and making life just better here for everyone. High school student activist Jack Petocz is a brave young man who should receive a proclamation at our next commission meeting because he TRULY toes the line; the adults in the room should be ashamed!

- Jake Valentine


Student Quits Job at Publix for 'Lack of Support' for LGBT Workers