As a long-time member of the LGBT community, I was dismayed by the reaction to the mayor's action. 

Many readers of the community were not present or alive when Rev. Kennedy was leading the church. As a person who does not belong to a church, I feel compelled to offer some insight. 

During those times, there was hate and fear of LGBT people.

For context, Bill and Hillary Clinton supported DOMA, the Defense of Marriage Act that stated a man and a woman were the only people who could marry. Former President Clinton signed the bill into law. 

The Clintons supported "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" which forced thousands of gays from the military, many of whom were career members. Clinton signed the bill.

LGBT support for both terms of Clinton was overwhelming. Further, the Wilton Manors rally for Hillary in 2016 was overwhelming. It seems they were forgiven for the oppression of the 1990s.

Former President Obama didn't support gay marriage until AFTER he was elected for his second term in 2012 with overwhelming LGBT support. He was forgiven for not supporting gay marriage earlier. 

Isn't it time to move on and forgive some past injustices?

We will never agree with every policy or opinion of every group, but we must live with the premise that we all are different with different ideas.

Mayor Dean Trantalis acted as a mayor should have, serving all segments of the city. It is time for the LGBT community to act as if they are a responsible segment of the community also.

- Neil Burmeister

Fort Lauderdale


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