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I'm writing to ask you to run a public service blurb, once again, to alert tourists and snowbirds, heading for the warm fun and frolics of Wilton Manors, about the speed trap on NE 26th Street, perpetrating as a school zone.

They will be looking to SFGN for information on what's happening in the neighborhood and my hope is that, with your help, they'll be patronizing local businesses rather than being forced to give inordinate amounts of money to the city. 

Despite poor markings and police just waiting to hugely capitalize on the situation, tickets are issued when no students, buses or significant indications of a school building's existence are in evidence.

I've written to Vice Mayor Tom Green, asking for improvements, and got no response. So, please be sure your readers know that they should go less than 15 miles per hour on NE 26th Street, between Andrews and NE 6th Ave.


- Steven Wilkinson  

Stoughton, Massachusetts