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Dear Editor, there is no place in Wilton Manors for negative campaigning and personal attacks.

Neither I nor anyone on my campaign team was responsible for the negative flyer sent around about another Wilton Manors candidate running for office. I have never done anything anonymously; I face all issues head-on.  

I am deeply disturbed that negative campaigning has infiltrated our town although not surprised when you look at the larger Federal and State campaign environments.  

My message to the voters is that we need to be respectful of each other, help one another when someone needs help and only speak in positive and factual terms. Wilton Manors is well-known for community and inclusivity. It’s up to the Commission and the residents to foster a positive climate as we have always had.  

I reached out to Don D’Arminio and stated if we were both fortunate to be elected, I would work with him and everyone else on the dais as our hearts are in the right place. D’Arminio was receptive and reiterated the same saying our views are very much aligned. We both agreed to work collegially and respectfully with everyone on the commission in the best interest of the city and the residents. I wish everyone in this race the best of luck.

- Paul Rolli, Vice Mayor of Wilton Manors 



From Petty Politics to Homophobic Attacks, Wilton Manors Campaign Gets Ugly