Hello Norm, I appreciate your column in the last week’s issue of SFGN (Sept. 2, “When Cancer Is In Second Place”).

This is a very insightful and thoughtful article that really puts COVID-19 and the Delta variant in perspective. I hope it encourages folks to get vaccinated with its unique perspective.

I am sorry to read you are still having to undergo more treatments and I and the Church of Our Savior family continue to pray for your recovery, wisdom and thanks for your caregivers, that your spirits continue to be uplifted and you do get to see a couple of ball games live somehow.

My husband and I have had six fully vaccinated friends, who all practice safety protocols, come down with breakthrough infections in the past month. Sadly two of them did not survive. Mary's memorial service was yesterday. She contracted covid during a hospital stay and was just too sick to fight it off.

I am at a loss as to how to convince people to get vaccinated and wear masks, and Governor Death does not help. If this was Ebola or the Bubonic plague I do not think folks would be so hesitant. Those two viruses have always been shown/perceived as deadly and very scary. Your article does help put COVID that in perspective to some degree.

Thank you for all you continue to do even as you recover.


Sincerely yours,

Ed Kaczperski