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Mayor Newton and City Manager Henderson, I cannot express to you in words how disappointed and livid I am with the new “city survey.”

Again, the WestSide has been relegated to an afterthought. While 26th street and Dixie Hwy and of course The Drive get their own feedback questions there is NO mention of Powerline and Oakland Park Blvd. and Andrews have been combined into one question: Why, explain to me, why those streets were combined? Why not The Drive and Oakland Park Blvd.? Why is it that the WestSide is continually regulated to a “less than” position if the thought of at all by the city government? This “survey” is another example of Wilton Manors’ government's historical indifference to the WestSide.  

I want this survey taken down and reworked to truly include the WestSide and all its stakeholders with Powerline Rd., Andrews Ave., and Oakland Park Blvd. fully represented just like the rest of the city was.  If not, I will pursue a very public discussion on WestSide issues with WestSide voters and our lack of representation with our current representatives. Oh, and by the way, question 10 you can’t answer because you have not gotten to question 13 yet: Who designed and made this did we pay for this?   Another Wilton Manors PR embarrassment. I want to know who approved this for final disbursement?

- Jake Valentine



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