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Mr. Kent, I read your op-ed (“The Republican Party Supports a Racist Cult,” Jan. 28) and found it disturbing that anyone would, not only "think" this way, but actually publish such off-putting, insulting, and false statements. 

As a conservative, I hold certain values that are not generally embraced by crony-capitalists, career politicians and corporate elitists.  I don't want the government to support me, but to leave me alone to create my best life. I will generally vote for the party that promotes limited government, not an ever-growing behemoth.

I voted Republican, yet I am not a racist, a white supremacist, a neo-Nazi nor do I follow QAnon.  I voted for Donald Trump precisely because I viewed the alternative as a continuation of the immoral and unethical corruption we cannot seem to get rid of.  I am grateful for all the good he accomplished — tangible, real, policies that he implemented that benefited our nation.

As for his support of the LGBT community, not only did he appoint the first openly gay cabinet member, Rick Grenell, but he (1) donated to charities focused on the AIDS crisis during the 1980s  (2) supported the amendment to the Civil Rights Act of 1964 to include banning discrimination based on sexual orientation; (3) he was outspoken about supporting domestic-partnership law that guarantees gay people the same legal protections and rights as married people; (4) has been the only president in history to assume office in support of gay marriage; (6) was the first private club owner in Palm Beach to admit an openly gay couple;  (7) publicly supported allowing gay people to serve openly in the military;  (8) launched a global effort to end the criminalization of homosexuality.

As the sister to a gay man, sister-in-law to a gay man, and friend to many gay men and women, I could never find myself supporting anyone that showed an ill-will toward the gay community.  This is yet another reason why I don't support today's Democrats; they use the LGBT community as they do the Black and Latino community — as pawns to be used to divide and conquer.  They urge us to feel like victims, which is never uplifting nor beneficial to us in any way.

I was never 100% pleased about everything Trump did, but the good certainly outweighed the bad.

While I have nothing positive to say about the current administration, I see clearly my responsibility concerning what I put out into the world.  Do I want to use my words to unite or to divide? And, importantly, toward what ultimate outcome?

My family escaped Cuba when the communist regime took over.  Many Cubans stayed and believed the promises, while many fled to the refuge of this great country.  The tactics that were used in Cuba are being used here.  The fascists are those that are censoring and canceling fellow Americans that just happen to be of the party you oppose.  If you forget the labels and consider the actions, you will find your way back onto the right path.

I hope you will truly consider what you are using your platform for, who will listen and be impacted, and what this will do to them and to us all.

Please use your artful command of the language to promote good, not to spread hate, false narratives and further division.


Rose Puerto

Pompano Beach, FL