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SFGMC shone brightly as the sun (and the full moon) at Sunshine Cathedral Dec. 17.

What an enormous disappointment their performance at Hard Rock with 1,000 tickets sold (Dec. 19) was canceled last minute due to COVID safety precautions.

As a career university choral director, fortunate enough to have heard the Friday concert, I was delighted at the quality sound of the enthusiastic ensemble. The artistic team of new music director, Gabe Salazar, assistant conductor, Anthony Carbrera and principal accompanist, Eddie Neimann admirably raised the caliber of the chorus to a new level in a very short time. A few more bass voices could be added to underpin the beautiful floating well-tuned tenors, but overall the performance was highly musical, expressive and very well-paced.

The new team and leadership have a lot to be proud of, and future audiences have a lot to look forward to. (Or… "for which to look forward” if ending a sentence with a preposition is still verboten!)

- Rob Strusinski


Omicron Upends Restart to South Florida Arts Season