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As one of your Wilton Manors city commissioners, I am committed to ensuring Life Is Just Better Here for residents, businesses, and visitors.

I’ve learned that our community is the heart and soul of our city, and they are truly the source of everything amazing that happens here. Like many residents, I also believe that the arts improve the quality of our lives and make our city more livable… and notable.  

Our community has been the source of so many of our city’s greatest art experiences, whether they be paintings, sculptures, musical or theatrical. I’m excited to share some newsworthy arts and theater updates with you today. 

Many residents have already had a chance to check out the “In Plain Sight Arts & Culture Map.” The map is a printed (or digital!) guide to over two dozen murals, sculptures, distinctive architecture, and design experiences throughout Wilton Manors. This beautiful guide, available at, was conceptualized by Hunter Stephens and creatively designed by Andrew Spina. Hunter and Andrew were assisted by Meghan Pearson along the way. Their beautiful guide can serve as the perfect itinerary for residents and visitors alike who want to walk the city and see art by local and national artists, the sculptures curated by Sculpture Walk Wilton Manors, Wilton Arts upintheair.2020 project featuring Spencer Little’s work, and more.  

Those who enjoy theater undoubtedly heard (or more likely, saw!) Come Out! Come Out!, the musical created by Ronnie Larsen thanks to the support of Plays of Wilton. I am beyond please to be able to share that the show was a wild success — so much so that it will be making its way to New York for its off-Broadway debut later this year. This locally written show relied on community funding to come to life on stage, and the community stepped up to ensure it would make it New York and represent our city well. Come Out! Come Out! will be produced by Marty and Susan Elleman and Bill Boyd with special thanks along the way to a well-known cast of supporters including Tom Moran, Joe Pallant, Scott Bennett, Jim Morgan and Joe Rodonis, Scott Clearwater and Chris Ambs, Kim Nickson, Scott Rappaport and Dr. Joe Gao, Rick Wetzler, Barry Eikle, Irwin Rosen, Dennis Marshall, Steve Lutz, Jimmy Cunningham, and others. I am looking forward to flying to New York City to be there opening night!

Community-led arts initiatives like these really do put Wilton Manors on the map. It’s one of the reasons our city’s strategic plan includes the creation of a Public Art policy by the end of this year. With the support of my fellow commissioners, I’ve agreed to take a lead role in drafting a policy for them to review and provide their valuable input on. I’d love to have your input as a member of our community on what policy decisions we should enact that will help support the arts in our community. If you have ideas to share, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or via text at 954.557.2801.

- Chris Caputo, Wilton Manors Commissioner