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Church of Our Savior MCC, located at 2011 S. Federal Highway in Boynton Beach is host to 23 recovery programs.

We have AA and NA 12 step programs and support groups meeting every day of the week. Some meet once a week, and some meet several times a week.

They pay rent, which is $15 per meeting (so a group that meets 2x per week would pay $120 per month).  We provide space in our building for each group to store their supplies, coffee makers, literature, and other necessary items. Our groups wipe the surfaces down with the cleaners that are provided. They also clean and leave the room in order for the next group.

In addition, we are blessed to be a Palm Beach County approved site where folks needing to perform community service can complete their service to the community. Our community service workers clean our church, inside and outside.  Some of the tasks they have are cleaning and maintaining our church, maintaining the outside such as lawn mowing, bush trimming, trash removal, etc. These community service workers are an asset to us. They help keep the cost of maintaining our building down.

We provide cleaning products, paper towels, cups, toilet paper, etc. Water and soda are available for a donation of 50 cents a can or bottle, on the honor system.  Having the community service workers, and the groups who we consider part of our church family, has worked out very well for the Church of Our Savior.

Anna Maria Pieris 


Church of Our Savior MCC


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