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Dear SFGN, I just want to thank you for the strong, positive coverage of our organization in last week's SFGN.

I think J.W. 's article on the impact of COVID-19 on local arts organizations was accurate, thoughtful, and well done. I also appreciate you giving presence and attention to the great letter to the editor written by someone who attended our concert on Dec. 19. I can easily be suspected of sounding biased when I say this, but I really do feel that what the writer stated in terms of the strength of the Chorus and the way our new artistic team is elevating our artistry was spot on. Anyhow, this letter could have been buried or ignored, but you brought it to the attention of your readers in a really wonderful way. Thank you for that.

As J.W.'s article stated, we are pushing ahead. We will likely start January rehearsals virtually until we see what the current wave does.  We still have our hopes high that we will be back on stage and live at the end of March. Let's hope that's true!

Thank you again for your support of us, and the arts in general. I hope all of you at SFGN had safe and memorable holidays, and I wish you the absolute best for the New Year.  

My kindest regards,

Mark Kent



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