Letter: Readers Slam Letter Opposing ‘Pig Week’

Letter To The Editor 'Pig Week' Via SFGN

Last week SFGN ran a letter to the editor, “All Men Are Not Pigs,” from Wayne Whitson in West Palm Beach. The story created a stir on social media. Here are few of the comments on Facebook. 

Check out Last weeks artical @ Letter: All Men Are Not Pigs

Chris CaputoChris Caputo: 

This article is incredibly disappointing, Norm Kent. The pig” community is hardly the epicenter of the crisis — which I know youre smart enough to know — and we need to focus our energy on supporting communities that need access to testing, PrEP, and linkage to care. 

This isnt even a thought provoking piece of opinion journalism. Im hardly a member of the pig community, but Im definitely upset that you thought this was worthy of print. Its so disappointing that instead of using your platform for good, you are promoting hatred within our communities.

steve johnsonSteve Johnson: 

Poorly researched article, unsupported accusations, come on folks, doing this right is not rocket science.

mike dinwiddieMike Dinwiddie: 

This article is horribly written. Doesnt even know name of event or anything about it. WTF? Shame on SFGN for printing this.

steve michael foxStephen Michael Fox Jr: 

Wow, no need to read the article when the bias and judgement is clear from the intro.

What ever happen to minding ones own and letting consenting adults make their own choices?

hans garciaHans Garcia: 

Wow what crap is this! You don’t even do research on the event, your sex shaming individuals who choose to go to the event. You’re also having the audacity to say it’s the epicenter? Look, you gotta be more responsible than that, this is our community, there are things we like and don’t like about it, but instead of writing something beneficial like organizations that give condoms, lube, info on prep. Your acting like a bitter queen that didn’t get invited to the party. SHAME ON YOU!

Dennis CarreiroDennis Carreiro: First of all, Mr. Whitson...its Pig Week, not PigFest. Secondly, your blatant attempt to pin the new HIV infections” on the members of this group, which is not a select few,” by the way, is disgusting. I dont expect the people at Nicks Pizza to supply me with pizza for free on the off chance that I may be hungry after I get drunk. Its my responsibility as a grown ass man to be sure that I am prepared with $$ to pay for my pizza, no one is going to give it to me. 

You cannot hold someone accountable for the choices and actions of others. Its called adulthood...try it sometime. Oh, and I didnt go to Pig Week” or to PigFest”...why? Because I am an adult and CHOSE not to.

Oh, and shame on SFGN for printing such manure. Stay in West Palm, Mr. Whitson, weve got enough of our own judgmental assholes to deal with.

thomas burantThomas Burant:

 Why would SFGN publish such a letter when it is clear he has the facts wrong? His issue is rubbers, saying if they were not included” when all who attended know they were given to everyone on day one? 

Lets hear SFGN excuse for this screwup.

michael juhlinMichael Juhlin: 

"PigFest" There's no such event in Fort Lauderdale. It's called "Pig Week" and it brings hundreds of thousands of tourist dollars to the Fort Lauderdale area, and raises funds for local charities!

Get off your moral high horse. If you weren't there, then you have zero idea of the availability of condoms at the events (which, by the way there WERE at every event). Slut shaming is so 1990, and not a pretty face for SFGN. 

Daily workshops were held with subjects including safe bondage and kink play, PrEP and TrAP. Suggesting that individuals aren't able to be responsible for their own sexual decisions is Puritanical and archaic thinking. Grow up and accept that gay men have sex with each other, even if you're not getting any!

Thomas Burant: How ignorant can SFGN be about its own gay community? Of course condoms were available and given to everyone one in their goodie bag when they registered. Smh.


Check out Last weeks artical @ Letter: All Men Are Not Pigs

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