Reader is thankful to the president for ‘Making America Great Again’ 

To the editor of South Florida Gay News

(Jason Parsley, E-Mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

We have been reading your rag sheet for years, and it's about time that someone calls you out for being biased, partisan and FAKE NEWS in the way you characterize our president, Donald Trump, as being anti-LGBT and treating his wife and family with disrespect.

Not ever do you give our president and his administration credit, where credit is due, such as:

1. Your recent article extending access to Prep 

2. He recognized June as LGBT Pride month 

3. He launched a global campaign to decriminalize homosexuality (in Muslim countries, etc.)

4. His 2019 budget contains $291 Million funding boost for domestic HIV goals

5. He awarded one million dollars in Ryan White HlV/Aids program grants to states

ALL of us, gay, straight, Democrats/Communists, Republicans, are enjoying a better economy. Job, low unemployment, low taxes, increased wages, highest employment rate for minorities and I bet you are enjoying an increase value of your 401-retirement plan.

These are things that you and the Left Media never mention. It's time to be truthful.

Remember: some of us in the gay community are Conservative Republicans and very proud of President Donald Trump and his family, and grateful to him for Making America Great Again.

-Sent to SFGN anonymously via mail