L2E: Wheel of Fortune Needs to Be More Inclusive

Via The Wheel of Fortune, Facebook

I’m not saying Wheel of Fortune (or Vanna White or Pat Sajak) is homophobic but the program seems to shy away from placing gay and lesbian contestants on the game show.

aNewsletter QuarterNEWSLETTEREBLAST92519When they have a couples week it excludes any gay couples. At the beginning of the game show Pat Sajak makes a big point of asking the contestants, especially the straight players, to tell the audience about their significant others or spouses and children in addition to some of their personal interests and hobbies. When an apparently gay person is interviewed it appears they’d rather not have him or her talk about their relationships or families. Sometimes we get to see these relationships when the gay contestant goes to the final round and introduce the audience to their spouse or significant other in the audience but it is a rare instance. I know this show is “family oriented” but I believe they are not addressing the gay families. My husband and I love this game show and watch it almost every evening. We just would like to see more inclusion of gays on the show, especially gay couples.

– Thomas Rebek

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