I suddenly recalled the harsh backlash Rep. Mark Foley received after reading Tony Man's SFGN regurgitation about our South Florida Republican Congressman who happened to be Gay.

I also recall the much milder backlash Rep. Barney DADT Frank received after his episode regarding his sexual escapades in Washington DC and elsewhere. 


Actually, it seems that the only difference between either of these embarrassing errors in good judgement is how Barney was so quickly welcomed back into the arms of the Party of Jefferson while both the left and right left Foley frostbitten without any recollection of his accomplishment especially with regard to his HIV/AIDS support and activism before it became fashionable, thank you Elizabeth Taylor. Fortunately, a few of us who stood on the side of those living with HIV/AIDS in the dark days will not forget Rep. Foley’s commitment to the cause. 

Likewise, those of us who visited hospitals where AIDS patients remained in strict isolation and often shamed will gratefully recall the one evening when the Broward PWA Coalition honored Mark and presented him with its highest organizational commendation at its annual recognition dinner in Ft. Lauderdale. 

That being said I hold no angst against the Congressman and would fondly and warmly welcome him back politically because I know that he was a man of service to our community and to those who supported and elected him to serve in Washington and Florida where he is needed today as friend to those in need.


– Andy Eddy