Letter: All Men Are Not Pigs

Chad Bush (right) with Paul Sullivan promoting Pig Week in 2016. Photo via Facebook.

We should not be promoting PigFest.  The recent article promoting "PigFest,”

“Let's Get Piggy" (11/27) proclaiming:  "The Sexual Revolution is back. People are no longer afraid" (of HIV/AIDS) MUST BE ADDRESSED.

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Here it is, almost 2020, and certain members of our LGBT community (seemingly, proudly) proclaim: "The Sexual Revolution is back". REALLY?

Did I miss the Nobel Prize being awarded to the researchers who found a cure (or a vaccine) for HIV/AIDS? Can someone tell me who the recipient(s) were?

While PrEP may work now, what happens if the HIV virus mutates, and renders PrEP ineffective? 

Since the first reports of a "Gay Cancer,” later known as AIDS (NYT: 7/3/81), the HIV virus has shown the ability to mutate around several previous treatments rendering them virtually useless in treating HIV infection.

As young adults in the early 1980s, a few of us learned something very important: Our health and well-being were our own responsibility and should be taken seriously. HIV & AIDS can (and/or could) strike at any time. (Those young adults of the 1980s are approaching 55+ now.)

While "PigFest" may appeal to a select few individuals, events such as these do precious little to prevent new HIV infections. Maybe this is one of the reasons why South Florida has been a major epicenter of new HIV infections for most of the last forty years!

I sincerely hope that condoms and other HIV prevention tools were made available to participants at PigFest venues. If not, then SHAME ON THE PROMOTERS of PigFest; for promoting a lifestyle event (with potentially life-changing consequences) to those who may make poor decisions about sexual activity (possibly due to alcohol and or illicit club drug use). 

"ALL MEN ARE NOT PIGS"!  Some of us prefer to: "SOAR WITH THE EAGLES"!

Wayne Whitson

West Palm Beach

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