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In a previous column I wrote about the financial troubles of Vitambi Springs Florida Wilderness Resort & Camp and worried that this LGBT community treasure might not be with us much longer.

Happily, Vitambi Springs has made a comeback. According to a Feb. 14 Facebook post by Rick McCloud, “Vitambi Springs has been able to address the issues that threatened its survival.” Though McCloud did not tell us how VS addressed its “issues,” an email from the gay men’s social group WildFyre Feb. 25 explained that the “Camp has solved its immediate financial problem by refinancing its mortgage with a private individual who is committed to the campground’s long-term growth. The previous mortgage holder is now out of the picture, and Vitambi Springs forges ahead without interruption.”

McCloud continued: “Most of you are aware of the announced troubles late last year and the efforts to secure a future for the resort. This beloved property has proven to be a treasured asset to our community. Our guests stepped up to the challenge and incredible action within our own community has led to a better horizon. Vitambi Springs will continue working hard to bring you the best community-inspired resort.”

Jesse Monteagudo is a freelance writer and journalist. He has been an active member of South Florida's LGBT community for more than four decades and has served in various community organizations.