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"The last 36 hours have been sobering.  I don't know that I knew any of the victims, but am sure there will only be one degree of separation between us.  I was so thankful that the City of Miami Beach was quick to act in putting together last night's beautiful vigil.  Now, our community must use this moment to get the federal government to completely lift the ban on gay men donating blood.  And we must sadly get ready for dozens of funerals for dozens of young people."

— Scott Galvin, North Miami City Council


"Today we are grieving for the victims on Orlando, but my heart is full to see the enormous response from the community in solidarity and love. Only by standing together will the LGBTQ community make it through this incredibly difficult time, and on behalf of SAVE, I offer my deepest condolences to the victims and their families. "

— Tony Lima, executive director of SAVE