Amy Schneider. Matt Bomer. Lawrence of Arabia. What do those three individuals all have in common? They’re being celebrated in Equality Forum’s annual queer icons list during LGBT History Month, which takes place each October.

The annual list launched in 2006 and has now featured over 500 queer people.

In case you’re unfamiliar with the names above: Schneider, a transgender woman, is best known for her history-making run on “Jeopardy” earlier this year. Bomer, a gay man, is an actor best known for his roles in Magic Mike, and the LGBT-themed movies, “Boys in the Band” and “Normal Heart.” Lawrence of Arabia was a British army officer, best known for his role in the Arab Revolt, and whose sexuality has long been up for debate.

To honor the LGBT icons who have made history, Equality Forum will celebrate their achievements all month long.

On, a new LGBT icon will be featured every day with a video, bio, and other resources in October.

Another icon that will be featured this year is Jazz Jennings, who lives in South Florida and is the star of the show I am Jazz on TLC. 

There will also be Spirit Day on Oct. 20, which is a day when people around the country wear purple in support of LGBT youth who face bullying in school.

Equality Forum is hosting a kickoff celebration Oct. 2 in Philadelphia. The organization is giving out two awards: the International Role Model awards to David Cicilline, chair of the congressional LGBTQ+ Equality Caucus and Zander Moricz, a plaintiff in a lawsuit against Florida’s “Don’t Say Gay” law.

Equality Forum is already taking nominations for their 2023 icons list. Click here to nominate someone.

Here’s the full list of this year’s icons:

  1. Hans Christian Andersen
  2. Robina Asti
  3. Richard Avedon
  4. Ninia Baehr & Genora Dancel
  5. Sue Bird
  6. Victor Blackwell
  7. Matt Bomer
  8. Raphael Bostic
  9. Jennifer Finney Boylan
  10. Kate Brown
  11. Nancy Cárdenas
  12. Kitty Cone
  13. Robert Cutler
  14. André De Shields
  15. Lea Delaria
  16. Anna Elizabeth Dickinson
  17. Masha Gessen
  18. Ron Gold
  19. Radclyffe Hall
  20. Bell Hooks
  21. Jazz Jennings
  22. Mondaire Jones
  23. Stephen Lachs
  24. Lawrence of Arabia
  25. Lance Loud
  26. James Merrill
  27. Rudolf Nureyev
  28. J. Paul Oetken
  29. Amy Schneider
  30. Amy Walter
  31. Alice Wu