A New Jersey teacher allegedly asked students if they had HIV before a four-day camping trip.

Janete Mendes, whose child is in the district, said the six grade class at Hackensack Middle School was told they were not allowed to go on the trip if they were HIV positive, according to PinkNews. Mendes learned of this alleged incident after her child asked her about HIV.

“A teacher had mentioned in the classroom, where if you had HIV positive, you are not allowed to come on the trip, which is a sixth-grade camp trip,” Mendes said to ABC 7.

Mendes discussed the matter with other parents, who said the teacher should be fired.

“I spoke to other parents, and they were shocked as well,” she said. “They say that he should be fired for that, which I agree. That’s something that you don’t expose.”

The school district said that the whole thing was a misunderstanding. In a statement to ABC 7, they said the teacher mentioned “HIB,” an acronym for “Harassment, Intimidation, and Bullying,” instead of HIV.

“If somebody in there has that, you really aren’t supposed to say anything about it, because that’s confidential,” Mendes said.