As far as erotic expeditions go, gay people feel the most fulfilled compared to other sexualities.

A survey by DrEd, an online resource that connects patients with doctors, surveyed 1,000 men and women from the U.S. and the U.K. about their sexual experiences.

DrEd had surveyors rate their sexual journey from one to 100. A one would indicate “your entire sexual evolution and journey are ahead of you, and all of your sexual experiences and fantasies have yet to be experienced” and a 100 would mean “your sexual evolution is complete, and you have learned and experienced everything you are interested in.”

Gay people are more likely to consider their sexual journey complete, rating their sexual journey at a 66 while straight people fall several points short at 62.6. Bisexuals, however, fall at the lowest end of sexual journey completion among the sexualities, at a 54 rating.

“Considering bisexual people may be open to partnerships with both men and women, a more variegated sexual journey may be dictating the length of the sexual distance still to cover,” DrEd analyzed.