Having sex with someone of the same sex is on some people’s bucket lists, but dating a bisexual person is out of the question.

Online doctor-patient resource DrEd conducted a survey of 1,000 men and women from the U.S. and the U.K. to study sexual experience. They found that people are more likely to engage in bisexual sex (have sex with both men and women during their lifetime) than date someone who identifies as bisexual.

Men are more likely to consider dating a bisexual person than women are, but more women have or intend to have sex with a person of the same sex before they die.

The survey found that 34 percent of women will or have already had sex with another woman — but only 19 percent would date a bisexual person. Comparatively, 20 percent of men would have sex with a man before they died, yet 30 percent would date a bisexual person.

The survey also looked at demographics by generation and discovered that millennials are the most willing to date a bisexual person at 38 percent, but only 29 percent would consider having sex with someone of the same sex.

Meanwhile one-quarter of baby boomers would engage in bisexual sex, but only 3 percent would actually date a bisexual person. Only 7 percent of generation X would date a bisexual person, but one-fifth anticipate having sex with someone of the same sex.