A survey revealed when gay, straight and bisexual people experience their sexual awakening and lose their virginity.

The survey conducted by DrEd, an online resource that connects patients with doctors, asked 1,000 men and women from the U.S. and the U.K. when they first experienced sexual awakening and, comparatively, when they lost their virginity. DrEd defines sexual awakening as “a sudden realization of sexual feelings and urges.”

“An important first step in the sexual journey is identifying initial feelings and urges, although an individual is certainly capable of experiencing multiple realisations of sexual interests,” they wrote. “We defined these realisations as “sexual awakenings” for our participants and asked them to recall the age at which they first remembered one happening.”

The survey revealed gay people experience sexual awakening the soonest, but are on average some of the last people to lose their virginity. While gay people on average experience their sexual awakening at 13.8 years, they typically don’t lose their virginity until 17.9 years — a nearly 4-year difference.

Straight people have slightly shorter windows. They tend to experience sexual awakenings at age 15 — 1.2 years after gay people on average. But straight people tend to lose their virginity slightly sooner than gay people, losing it around 17.6 years.

Meanwhile the window for bisexual “dawning of desire” and losing their virginity is much shorter. Bisexual people tend to have sexual awakenings at the age of 15.4 on average, losing their virginity .8 years later at 16.2.