Men can be victims of domestic violence, too.

A study revealed over half of men in same-sex relationships are victims of abuse. It surveyed 320 men in 160 couples and was recently published in the “American Journal of Men’s Health, according to HealthDay News.

The results revealed that 46 percent of these men had experienced some form of abuse in the last year — physical or sexual violence, emotional abuse and controlling behavior among the types.

“If you just looked at physical and sexual violence in male couples, it’s about 25 to 30 percent, roughly the same as women,” said Director of University of Michigan’s Center for Sexuality and Health Disparities and study author Rob Stephenson.

“We’re stuck in this mental representation of domestic violence as a female victim and a male perpetrator, and while that is very important, there are other forms of domestic violence in all types of relationships.”

The study found that although stress factors were shared between same-sex and opposite-sex couples, such as money, unemployment and drug abuse, there was a major correlation between abuse and internalized homophobia.

According to the study, domestic abuse in same-sex male couples could increase risk of HIV infection due to lack of communication and lack of control over condom use or how the couple has sex.

Stephenson suggested health care providers start asking male couples about domestic abuse.