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A San Diego State University study found that lesbians and bisexual women have a higher risk to develop diabetes due to being stressed out.

Over 94,250 women who identify as either straight, lesbian or bisexual took part in the study, according to PinkNews. Of the full sample size, 1,267 were either lesbian or bisexual.

The study found that lesbian and bisexual women were 27 percent more likely to develop type II diabetes. Having higher average Body Mass Index (BMI) numbers than straight people also contributed to more cases of diabetes.

“Despite inconclusive findings, there is a reason to suspect that [lesbian and bisexual] women may have disparities in chronic physical health conditions, including type 2 diabetes, because they are more likely than heterosexual women to have risk factors such as obesity, tobacco smoking, heavy alcohol drinking and stress-related exposures,” San Diego State University professor Heather L. Corliss wrote in the study.

The research also found that lesbian and bisexual women tended to develop the disease at a younger age than their straight counterparts. The study concludes that efforts to stop risk-factors for the community to monitor and fight obesity and type II diabetes are needed.