Supermarket chain Publix has allegedly denied coverage to those employees looking to get PrEP drugs for HIV prevention.

The allegations come after Emory University Assistant Professor of Medicine David Holland could not acquire drugs for one of the patients in his Georgia PrEP clinic who worked at the store, according to the Body, a resource for HIV/AIDS. The patient appealed and was rejected twice, which Holland said they were the only person in the entire clinic to have this issue.

"What we found out from the insurance company was that it came, ultimately, from the employer," Holland said. "It wasn't just an insurance issue; it was [that] the employer did not want it covered in the insurance."

In a statement, Publix did not express whether this was a cost issue or a moral objection against the drug.

"Annually, we evaluate benefits covered under our health plans," Publix spokesperson Brenda Reid said to the Body. "There are numerous medications covered by the plan used in the treatment of HIV."

In 2014, Hobby Lobby won a Supreme Court case that allowed them to deny the Affordable Care Act’s mandate that employers need to provide contraceptive coverage. They claimed as a private company, they could claim a religious exemption to the rule.