DCfukit.org is a grassroots program developed to educate men who have sex with other men. It was formed by members of the Washington, D.C., LGBT community, and it’s supported by private donations, as well as through the Metro D.C. GLBT Center.

The group has a fun, irreverent—and in its latest endeavor—campy manner of getting its voice heard. Fort Lauderdale resident, model, and actor Matthew Rush can be seen with Brent Corrigan in a roughly five-minute, black-and-white video in which Corrigan learns how to put on a condom effectively.

The video is set in a locker room. Rush plays coach, and Corrigan plays student. They make sure to overtly state that it is a college, not high school, locker room.


“I did a prior video for DCfukit.org and they asked me to come back and do another one,” said Rush, who was flown up to D.C. to film the safer-sex educational film. It was the first time the actors had worked together in the same scene, although they have appeared in the casts of other films.  Both actors donated their time to the film.

“The other video was just me, showing how to put on a condom,” said Rush.

The website has other videos as well, and some pictures are pretty steamy.  Dcfukit.org certainly knows that gay men like to have fun, even when it comes to safer-sex education.

“FUK!T's explicit social marketing campaign was created as a response to a 2008 study reported in the journal AIDS and Behavior, which recommended that: ‘Health promotion specialists who plan to create Internet-based approaches to HIV prevention should focus on re-engaging HIV-positive men who engage in UAI [unprotected anal intercourse] with multiple partners; consider using ‘highly sexually-explicit media,’” said Terry Gerace, MD, co-founder of Fuk!t.

In the past year, the organization has distributed over 100,000 safer-sex kits at gay-frequented venues in the D.C. area. Their mission statement is simple and eloquent.

“Enjoy your sexuality responsibly: choose condoms and other safer sex practices, or monogamy, or abstinence. Love yourself. Love your partners. Love our community. Stop the Spread of HIV/AIDS and other Sexually Transmitted Infections.”

For more information, visit Dcfukit.org