(EDGE) HIV Long-Term Survivors Day (HLTSD) is commemorated on June 5 -- the anniversary of the day in 1981 when the CDC reported the first cases among gay men of a mysterious illness that would later become known as AIDS. According to its website, HLTSD celebrates "those who have defied the odds by living with HIV for decades. June 5 is about coming together and realizing that we are not alone."

In 2017, nearly 60 percent or all people living with HIV in the U.S. are over 50 years old, and by 2020, this proportion is projected to increase to 70 percent. The theme of HLTSD 2017 is 'HIV-resilient': "Our focus is on ensuring that HIV long-term survivors are front and center in the current HIV dialogue."

To help commemorate the day, we've compiled an annotated list of online resources focusing on HIV long-term survivors.

HIV Long-Term Survivors Day website: This site includes background information about HLTSD, long-term survivors, and events to mark the day.

LetsKickASS - AIDS Survivor Syndrome website: This is a grassroots organization that is responsible for HLTSD and that is "devoted to improving the lives of survivors by empowering, engaging, unifying, and elevating survivors to reclaim our lives, end isolation, and envisioning a future we never dreamed we'd live."

Pre-HAART Long-Term Survivors Forum website: This question-and-answer forum is for persons who have been living with HIV since before 1996. That's the year when highly active antiretroviral therapy (HAART) -- the first very effective treatments to suppress and control HIV-first became available.

Strategies to Improve the Health of Older Adults Living with HIV website: (National Center for Innovation in HIV Care)

Eric Brus writes about HIV policy. His HIV/AIDS Disparities Report is produced by the New England AIDS Education and Training Center Minority AIDS Initiative Project. The full version is available here