Jinkx Monsoon is one busy drag queen! She’s a spokesperson for the at-home HIV test OraQuick, has just released a new album, is a working actress and just wrapped up appearances on RuPaul’s Drag Race. She won Season 5.

We caught up recently to discuss all the goings on in her life.   We started things off on a serious note. The business of HIV awareness.

“I’ve always been a big advocate for knowing your HIV status. I used to teach safe sex classes. I just believe in having the safest sex you can. What’s wonderful about OraQuick is that a lot of people have anxiety about going to a doctor’s office. Other’s don’t live in a place where testing is readily available. That’s the wonderful thing about OraQuick. It’s the same test used in doctor’s offices and HIV clinics. It’s fast and simple to use, “ said Monsoon.

It only takes a second to hear that Monsoon isn’t in this for the money. It’s clear she believes in the cause.

“A lot of younger people don’t have the same AIDS awareness as people who grew up in the 80’s. Having this test readily available helps them take responsibility for their sexuality,” she told SFGN.

Our next order of business was on a bit off a lighter note, so to speak – her new music.  Monsoon’s new record is called, “The Inevitable Album.”  

“I call it a tribute album to jazz, theater and cabaret singers. I was inspired by the Divine Miss M by Bette Midler.  When I think back on the album, artists used to [sing] without auto tune and synthesizers.  I would describe it somewhere between Broadway vocals and torch singing,” she said.

One of the album’s highlights is a collaboration with Fred Schneider of the B-52’s on a song called The Bacon Shake. “Fred Schneider is an idol of mine. It was an amazing process,” said Monsoon.

When Monsoon isn’t talking safe sex or singing, she’s wearing a different hat: working actress. She’s appeared on the drama Blue Bloods on CBS opposite Donnie Wahlberg. At the end of the summer, she’s releasing a documentary called ‘Drag Becomes Him.’ The project was funded through Kickstarter.

This multi-tasking multitalented artist will switch things up this summer by staying in one place. From June 27 to September 20, she’ll appear at The Art House in Provincetown as one half of “The Vaudevillians.”

For more information about the documentary or the Provincetown appearance, check out www.JinkxMonsoon.com.