Where there’s despair, there’s the Broward House.

The nonprofit group, founded in 1988, serves the community offering support to individuals needing substance abuse treatment, mental illnesses support and HIV/AIDS prevention and education.

Members of the LGBT community can turn to the friendly, compassionate staff of the Broward House for help without judgment said Cindy Sterne, director of clinical and residential services.

The staff is trained to handle complex cases and clients from various lifestyles.

“We are very accommodating and culturally sensitive in that we support the person,”Sterne said. “We want folks mentally, physically, and sexually healthy so we focus on the whole human being.”

The holistic approach to treatment means that each patient’s needs are met through individualized treatment plans. The Broward House offers assistant living, health education, support groups, one-on-one counseling, life skills coaching and even guidance on career development.

Those suffering with a substance abuse issue, for example, can contact the facility and rest assured that help is readily accessible. Sterne said they don’t have a wait list and the programs are free.

“If you have a substance abuse problem, and you call us; we’ll try to help you out,”she said. Overcoming substance abuse is a difficult struggle that many face, but with the right amount of structure and a safe environment the Broward House can help.

Once admitted, patients enter a multi-level program geared for a 5 to 6 month stay in which the participant begins the recovery process.

Just how does Broward House help so many people?

It all comes down to the basics.

Treat people with acceptance, dignity and respect, Sterne said, and people will in turn treat themselves with dignity and respect. Unfortunately, not everyone grew up in an environment where they learned self-respect or were treated with kindness, but the staffers at the Broward House aim to lend a helping hand.

For More Information, please visit www.browardhouse.org or call 954-522-4749