An Australian man claimed a hospital denied him treatment for HIV after he was raped, despite him asking six times.

The man allegedly asked six times for doctors at the Royal Melbourne Hospital to give him post-exposure prophylaxis (PEP) treatment after he was attacked earlier this month, according to PinkNews. Instead, the man claims he was not given a clear reason as to why he was not allowed to be treated.

“They wouldn’t let me out of hospital, so I couldn’t go and seek PEP from another hospital,” he said to the Star Observer.

PEP requires a 72-hour window after an assault to be used. During his stay, the man said he was not given approval to start treatment until after the window passed.

“Patient privacy prevents us giving specifics relating to an individual’s care,” a Royal Melbourne Hospital spokesperson said in a statement. “This patient was assessed and given clinically appropriate care and treatment based on the information provided, Prescribing of PEP will depend on the circumstances of the patient’s arrival to hospital.”

The man has contacted Maurice Blackburn Lawyers for legal advice and the Victorian AIDS Council for help following the incident. He will have to wait a 12-week period to be tested for HIV.

According to the Star Observer, the hospital apologized in 2010 for making the same mistake involving PEP drugs in two other incidents.