We’re taught from a very young age that abstinence is the key to conquering addictions. We’re forced to sign a form in elementary school in which we promise to never drink alcohol. We watch television depicting people with extreme addictions who drink bottles of Listerine for breakfast.

Society portrays addictions as things of fiction, requiems for a dream. Addictions, however, are very real, and no one should blame themselves for them.  

If you think you have an addiction, it’s easy for you to get help at an LGBT 12-Step Recovery clubhouse.

South Florida offers three different places where LGBT people can anonymously receive help with recovery from an addiction and to help get their lives back on track.

Check them out below.

Lambda North:
18 South J Street, Lake Worth, FL, 33460
Website: www.LambdaNorth.net
History: Lambda North began in the 90s. It closed down due to lack of funds and was reformed in 2009. The clubhouse reopened in January 2012. It now has been serving men and women who are part of the LGBT community who have drug and alcohol addictions, said Lambda North President Michael Giorgi.
Resources and meetings: Lambda North currently offers Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous meetings. People are welcome to start meetings for other addictions at the clubhouse.
For newcomers: There are specific meetings for newcomers. One is the noon meeting, which takes place Monday through Friday at noon.
What to expect: The most common type of meeting is a topic meeting in which a topic, such as how to deal with socializing in the gay community while in recovery, is brought up by someone in the group and then discussed by the rest of the group.
Social events: Lambda North also offers events such as an upcoming pool party barbecue on May 24.
Cost: Meetings are free, but people can make voluntary donations to clubhouse. Events cost around $15. The money goes to maintaining the building. Lambda North relies on donations and fundraisers. People can become a member for $10 a month or $100 a year.

Lambda South
: 1231 E. Las Olas Blvd, Fort Lauderdale, Fl 33301
Website: www.LambdaSouth.com
History: It started as a safe place for the community to be able to meet and hold 12-step meetings in 1983.
Resources and meetings: Lambda South provides many 12-step recovery programs including Narcotics Anonymous, Sex and Love Addicts, Codependents Anonymous, Adult Children of Alcoholics, Crystal Meth Anonymous and Alcoholics Anonymous. All meetings are open for everyone.
Social events: Lambda South hosts numerous events such as movie nights and game nights. There is an anniversary dinner every year.
Cost: Meetings are free as well as events, but people can make voluntary donations to clubhouse.

Lambda Miami-Dade
: 212 NE 24th St, Miami, FL 33137
Website: www.LambdaMiami-Dade.org
History: Lambda Miami-Dade is a clubhouse that began over twenty years ago as a safe meeting place for 12-step meetings for the LGBT community.
Resources and meetings: Lambda Miami-Dade offers meetings of Alcoholics Anonymous, Adults Children of Alcoholics, and Crystal Meth Anonymous. Anyone can start their own meetings and all meetings are open.
For newcomers: Newcomers should feel welcome attending any meeting. There is a beginners meeting of Alcoholics Anonymous every Monday at 8:30 p.m.
Social events: A separate not-for-profit entity hosts fundraisers at a different places to raise money so that the building can eventually be purchased.
Cost: Meetings are free, but people can make voluntary donations to clubhouse.

Even if you doubt whether or not you have a substance abuse problem, attending a meeting won’t hurt. Addictions are a reality, but so is recovery. Start yours today.