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May 21, 1979 —Daniel White Sentenced for Killing Harvey Milk and Mayor Moscone

After using the "Twinkie defense," White is acquitted of the first-degree murder charge, but is found guilty of the voluntary manslaughter of both victims. He is sentenced to serve seven and two-thirds years. Over 3,000 people rioted in what became known as the White Night Riots. Dozens were hospitalized.

May 22, 2008 — Domestic Partnership Bills Signed in Maryland

Gov. Martin O'Malley signs the two bills that legalize domestic partnerships for Maryland same-sex couples. Full same-sex marriage equality comes to the state on January 1, 2013.

May 23, 1920 — Harvard Establishes Committee to Investigate Homosexual Activity

Following two weeks of inquiries, Harvard expels several students. The tribunal becomes known as the "Secret Court of 1920" after records filed under that name are discovered in 2002.

May 24, 1993 — Lesbian Confirmed by U.S. Senate to Federal Position

Roberta Achtenberg becomes the assistant secretary of Housing and Urban Development.

May 25, 1895 — Oscar Wilde Convicted of Gross Indecency

Gross indecency is a crime under the Criminal Law Amendment Act 1885, meaning homosexual acts not amounting to buggery. He is sentenced to two years hard labor, the maximum allowed. The judge describes this restriction as "totally inadequate for a case such as this," and says it was "the worst case I have ever tried."

May 26, 1988 — Start of First Nat’l HIV Education Campaign in U.S.

Surgeon General C. Everett Koop oversees the mailing of a booklet titled "Understanding AIDS" to all American households.

May 27, 1937 — Golden Gate Bridge Opened

Approximately 200,000 bridge walkers attended opening day. As a symbol of the city of San Francisco, the bridge is also considered a symbol of the gay community.

 All of the information above has been reprinted with permission from Quist, an LGBT mobile history app that can be found on iOS and Android devices. Visit HYPERLINK "" for more information. The app was created by Sarah Prager and launched in July of 2013.