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June 11, 2010 —Iceland’s Parliament Approves Gay Marriage

Iceland's Althing passes a gender-neutral definition of marriage 49-0, and becomes the ninth country in the world to legalize same-sex marriage.

June 12, 2003 — European Court of Human Rights Rules in Favor of Trans Woman

The court rules in favor of Van Kück, a German transsexual woman whose insurance company denied her reimbursement for gender reassignment surgery as well as hormone replacement therapy. The legal arguments relate to the Articles 6 and 8 of the European Convention on Human Rights.

June 13, 1994 — Gay Man and Lesbian Receive MacArthur Genius Grants

Bill T. Jones, an African-American dancer-choreographer, and Adrienne Rich, a Jewish poet and essayist, receive MacArthur Foundation Fellowships in recognition of their bodies of creative work.

June 14, 1519 —Friar Luis Castelloli Says Plague Came as God’s Wrath for Sodomy

Incensed by the friar's sermon, a mob hunts down four men who are suspected of sodomy. They are burned the next month.

June 15, 1884 — Grand Duke Sergei Alexandrovich Married a Woman

He weds Princess Elizabeth of Hesse (UK) who takes the name Grand Duchess Elizabeth Feodorovna of Russia. It is rumored that Alexandrovich was gay. The couple had no children.

June 16, 1640 — Bishop Accused of Sodomy

John Child accused Bishop John Atherton of "fornication and adultery, and claimed to have committed sodomy with him." Atherton was later convicted and sentenced to death by hanging.

June 17, 1968 — Wall Street Journal Article on Gays Published

The article is titled, ʺU.S. Homosexuals Gain in Trying to Persuade Society to Accept Them.ʺ The country's parliament passes a bill to let foreign persons in same-sex relationships with San Marino citizens stay in the country. The bill passes 33-20. Michele Pazzini of a San Manino LGBT association says, "This is a little step towards the full recognition of same-sex couples."

 All of the information above has been reprinted with permission from Quist, an LGBT mobile history app that can be found on iOS and Android devices. Visit HYPERLINK "" for more information. The app was created by Sarah Prager and launched in July of 2013.