April 30, 1997 — Airing of The Ellen Show Coming Out Episode

“The Ellen Show” coming out episode airs. Character Ellen Morgan comes out in "The Puppy Episode."

May 1, 1851 — Opening of the Great Exhibition of the Works of Industry of All Nations

One of the exhibits at this London show is a statue by John Henry Foley of Hermaphroditus. In Greek mythology, Hermaphroditus is the intersex child of the gods Aphrodite and Hermes.

May 2, 1994 — First Issue of Metro Weekly Published

Originally a gay and lesbian magazine in Washington, D.C., it is now one of the oldest LGBTQ publications in its region.

May 3,1976 — A Chorus Line Won Pulitzer Prize

The musical wins for the Drama category. It is directed and choreographed by Michael Bennett, a gay man. The original Broadway production ran for 6,137 performances, becoming the longest-running production in Broadway history until surpassed by Cats in 1997, and the longest-running Broadway musical originally produced in the US, until surpassed in 2011 by Chicago.

May 4, 2010 — President of El Salvador Issued Decree Banning Discrimination Based on Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity

President Mauricio Funes creates a Sexual Diversity Division within the Secretary of Social Inclusion at the same time.

May 5, 1911 — Transgender Civil War Veteran Moved to Soldier and Sailors Home

Albert Cashier is hit by a car that breaks his leg in 1910, which leads to a doctor discovering that Cashier is physically female. The physician keeps Cashier's secret, and on this day moves him to the Soldier and Sailors home in Quincy, Illinois. He lived there as a man until he was moved to the Watertown State Hospital for the Insane in 1913. Nurses there discovered that he was female-bodied when giving him a bath, after which he was forced to wear a dress.

May 6, 1868 — Term "Homosexuals" Written for the First Time

Károly Mária Kertbeny uses the word "Homosexualisten" in a letter to Karl Heinrich Ulrichs. He derived it from Greek “homos” ("the same") and the Latin root “sexualis.”

May 7, 1365 — Giovanni di Giovanni Killed for Sodomy

The 15-year-old is publicly castrated and killed by a red-hot iron in his anus for admitting to having sex with multiple men. He is one of the youngest victims of the campaign against sodomy in Italy.

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