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June 18, 1983 — Sally Rides Becomes First American Woman in Space

Two Soviet women had gone into space before her. Ride is a member of the crew on the space shuttle Challenger for STS-7. She had a female partner of 27 years, Tam O'Shaughnessy.

June 19, 1790 — Anacharsis Cloots Led a Delegation to the Bar of the National Assembly

His delegation of thirty-six men declared the world's allegiance to the Declaration of the Rights of Man. Cloots said "Consult reason in dictating your code and you will efface a number of mortal and venial sins from your barbaric catechism [. . . ]What is virtue? What is vice? [. . . ] Everything useful to society is virtue, everything harmful is vice." He believed there should be no sexual offenses apart from "rape, abduction, seduction, or adultery." Cloots became known as the "orator of mankind."

June 20, 2003 — Tourist Jailed for Homosexuality in Egypt

He is held for about fifteen days before being allowed to return to Israel.

June 21, 1977 — Gay Man Killed in San Francisco

Robert Hillsborough died from fifteen stab wounds while his attackers gathered around him and chanted "Faggot!" Both Mayor Moscone and Hillsborough's mother blamed Anita Bryant and Senator John Briggs for Hillsborough's death.

June 22, 1969 — Judy Garland Dies

Some sources say that the American actress's death is what led to the Stonewall Riots approximately one week later. As an icon to homosexuals in the 1950's and 1960's, feelings of grief and anger may have contributed to the uprising in New York City.

June 23, 1952 — Trial of Dale Jennings Begins

Dale Jennings had been arrested in his home for lewd conduct. Harry Hay and other Mattachine members create the Citizens Committee to Outlaw Entrapment to raise funds for Jennings’s legal defense and to publicize the case.

June 24, 1973 — New Orleans Gay Bar Firebombed

Thirty-two people are burned to death in the UpStairs Lounge in New Orleans, LA.

All of the information above has been reprinted with permission from Quist, an LGBT mobile history app that can be found on iOS and Android devices. Visit HYPERLINK "" for more information. The app was created by Sarah Prager and launched in July of 2013.