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Comments from SFGN’s online outlets

An Uber Controversy
The ride sharing company suspends operations in Broward

Noah Kitty – taxi regs should be visible in the car. I've typically seen it taped to the visor. And if you think Uber is all innocent, check out the situation in CA.

Donald Wilson – The politicians need to listen to the public. We want this service. I never want to take a taxi again.

Kenny Lee – The owner of yellow cab contributed a lot of $$ to help put the restrictions in place. I guess yellow cab was losing money.

Deadly Drive
Another pedestrian fatality on ‘The Drive’

Stephen Devine – They can have much better crosswalks. But let's be honest here. We see people cross at non-crosswalks and just walk in the road without looking or waiting.

Daniel Nistal – You want a party town? It comes with a cost people.

Rj Petrucci – May the gentleman rest in peace. He made a well publicized deadly bad decision. As an employee of Tropics he should have been spreading the message not to jay walk there. These jaywalkers do not care. Just last night, not one but two, strolled into oncoming traffic expecting it to stop for them. Talk about privilege. You just get your car going after the light at the police station then people are walking out into oncoming traffic without even looking – three cars had to slam on their breaks not to hit these two last night. Should there be a crosswalk there. Yes. Until then these patrons and employees should be parking at the police station parking lot and walking to Tropics on the sidewalk on that side of the street.

Marijuana Mayhem
Wilton Manors considers decriminalization

Joel S. Slotnick – How about putting public safety as #1?

Deidra Doc B – Oh, now we will have stoned citizens getting hit by vehicles.

CarriJo Anderson – It's insane that someone would have a felony for having a joint.