Fear not, by speed ring I mean Speed Dating. On February 10, the Java Boys Café in Wilton Manors hosted 18 single—or so they claimed—men hoping to find a little romance before D Day.

Well, V Day, as in St. Valentine.

The event was hosted by Nicki, owner of Java Boys, and Ken Gesel, a pharmaceutical representative and Java Boys devotee. Michael, who assisted at the event, was effervescent in his self-described role as Vanna White for the evening.


“Nicki and Steve are just great folks. They had hosted one before, last summer and I asked to assist. It was so much fun that I just asked if I could emcee. Last night was my second time in that role,” Ken said of the event.

The event was a success. Ken was happy to have a few new faces and two matches were made. “I think everyone had a good time. Even if people didn’t get a new mate they might have a new friend which is a good thing as well.”

Speed Dating, if you’re not familiar, involves an even number of contestants. I say contestants because in addition to walking away with a human prize, gift certificates to local businesses, such as Tropics, and the Courtyard Café were awarded to the most popular gents. Contestants have three minutes to get to know the other person. After three minutes, in which you take notes to remember that person, you are asked to move down and talk with the other participants.

Out of the 12 bachelors I spoke with only 4 of them tried speed dating before. The ages, looks, and occupations of the guys were all varied. They represented a nice cross-section of local gay singles.

“This is a fun, different way to socialize,” said barista Kenny, who served Love Potion Number 9 coffee drinks. “It’s a lot more relaxed than a bar.”

In order to keep things fresh, one must keep encourage spontaneity. Therefore, Java Boys owner Nicki will always surprise us with something new and innovative.

So, if you went last night and are looking for more speed dating, or even a long-term relationship with a Scrabble Game, let Nicki know your interest!