Queer Query: An Interview With School Official Brian Edgecomb

AllyCats is an article about our allies in the LGBTQ community who do not identify as Gay, Lesbian, Trans, Bisexual, Queer, and beyond. Without our allies, we wouldn’t have had the help and support we have today. There are many more heterosexual, cisgender individuals in this world than there is LGBT. My purpose is to interview them.

“Ally is a verb. Saying you are an ally is not enough, you gotta do the work.”
- Franchesca Ramsey

Mendez: Can you please tell us more about yourself?

Edgecomb: My name is Brian Edgecomb and I am the Head of Acting at G-Star School of the Arts in Palm Springs, FL. I have been involved in the arts since elementary school.

Mendez: When would you say you became an ally and why?

Edgecomb: I think I have always felt that everyone deserves to be tried equally. Growing up in a home where my father was an immigrant from the Bahamas, my father always taught us to stand up for what is right.

Mendez: Have you ever taken any part of LGBT activities? For example, PrideFest, drag shows, art performances, museums, and so on?

Edgecomb: (Laughs) I love a good drag show. I think it's the artist in me. Seeing men adopt a fierce, confident character and bring the audience into that world takes a special skill.

Mendez: Does your faith strengthen your support, or does it ever conflict in regards to your morals?

Edgecomb: As a born-again Christian, there have been some conflicts about what the bible says about sin. The bible also talks about not judging anyone but showing the love of Jesus Christ to all people. Loving my neighbor is something I strongly believe in. I once saw a picture that broke my heart. It was a picture from a gay pride parade. There was a group of Christians holding signs that said something like "I'm sorry for ever making you feel that I hate you." I think so many people truly look to be loved. The Christian sign holders were embracing a guy from the parade who was sobbing in their arms. To me, that had Jesus written in the heart of it.

Mendez: Do you have anything to say as an ally to the LGBT community?

Edgecomb: I would say that you are loved. Thank you so much for this opportunity to answer these questions. It deepens my faith knowing that love is truly a powerful thing.

Mendez: Amazing answers. Thank you very much Mr. Edgecomb! Thanks for participating.

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