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Kentucky County Clerk Jailed For Refusing To Issue Marriage Licenses (Story)

Charles Bado

The Judge held her in contempt and off to jail. Can she bring her bible with her in prison? She will have a new gig. Right wing churches will pay her to preach all about how she was victimized.

Kai Paulo

I think jailing her only makes her and her backwards thinking supports think she's some kind of martyr. Should have been relentlessly fined, imo

Martin Talbot

She'll look good in Orange ! LOL

SFGN Publisher Norm Kent Says Rentboy Raid is 'Traitorous Act' (Story)

Steve Johnson

You said it [Norm]

Anthony Mike

LMAO- a whore is a whore!

Matthew Davis Glass

Rentboycom‬ was brought down , after 18 years of operating openly, by Homeland Security, because after the Ashley Madison hack, the government wanted to secure those records and emails before a hacker did. Half of DC was probably in that database..Can you imagine if the Presidential candidates were in that database , or high ranking officials of any party? The GOP couldn't withstand that and Trump. It is still better to be an adulterer than gay. ‪

More Feedback Over Tropics Feud (Story)

Keith Horr

You are reading wayyyy too much into it......and yes....if Tropics was ignored'll be even MORE ignored now. NOT a great business move. "A successful business is the numbers of years it has remained open"

Henry Penas

I find it interesting that because of Norm Kent's self-righteous indignation at having an error pointed out to him, he never once mentioned that the owners of Tropics sent out an email blast to their customers urging them to attend the rally. They in turn send emails to their friends. Without their action I suspect the rally would not have been so well attended. But as we know it is hard to argue with someone who buys ink by the barrel.

John Bata

I have to say that this article had me in stitches with some of the lines used in it-- even though it is based on a tragic incident. I agree how these bar owners can come across as narcissistic. I mean you own a bar. Get over yourself. I think it must be the Kardashian effect, where people with no talent think that they too should be famous.